The latest improvements of China-LSAT and China-MST2.1 update

The latest improvements of China-LSAT include:

1) Update of site dataset since 1850: Tm has increased from 9671 stations to 12645 stations; Tx has increased from 6754 stations to 10880 stations; Tn has increased from 6687 stations to 10873 stations. Especially the site data from 2013 to 2023 has been systematically supplemented and improved (as shown in the figure below);

2) The Tmax and Tmin datasets were re homogenized and Tm and DTR were recalculated;

3) Updated EOT reconstruction for C-LSAT.

stn number.png

The China-MST2.1 update includes:

1) Improvement of C-LSAT;

2) The observation constraint algorithm has been updated to make the calculation of regional average temperature series more reasonable (as shown in the Chinese regional average temperature series in the above figure).